The Papakura Club was formed in 1930 by a group of keen supporters headed by Mr. George Aitcheson, who became the club’s first chairman, assisted by Mr. H Spinley as Secretary and ably supported by a committee consisting of Messrs W.Leighton, H Martin, C. Buckeridge, L Fieldson and S Godden.

During the first year the Senior B Team won the knockout competition, and in the following year won that championship. In 1935 - 37 - 38 championships also came to the club. In 1939 the Senior B Team attained senior status performing with credit until the war years intervened. After the war, the club won several knockout competitions. The club’s first Junior championship was won in 1947 in the 3rd grade, the same team also being runner up in the knockout competition of that year. The 1st Juniors won honors in 1952, 55, 56. By 1959 no schoolboy honors had come the way Papakura, but they were close on several occasions.