Masters Rugby League is the game for a lifetime, for semi-retired players and officals

The Masters of the Rugby League was formed for semi-retired and non-competitive players and officials to showcase their skills and abilities on the field without the risk of serious injury. The object is to enjoy the game but still be able to get out of bed the next morning and go to work.

We have been playing Masters Rugby League in New Zealand and Australia for many years, and this has included an annual tournament at the end of each regular season. The tournaments have included over 30 teams and are held on each side of the Tasman.

Masters Rugby League in New Zealand has experienced an increase in teams over recent years. This tournament is due to increased awareness of this grade in clubs, and has been helped also by the promotion of benefits of physical activity through SPARC’s Push Play campaign.

This tournament plays a critical role in creating awareness of Masters football, and has been one of the key motivators for semi-retired players and officials to become actively involved at the club level again.

We have a strong commitment to playing the game in a friendly and enjoyable style (don’t run too far – let the ball do the work ). We include our wives/partners and children, the emphasis being on a family day out.

If this sounds like you or you would like more information please contact Mr Erin Webb 0211815537